5 tips to choose a dentist in Tijuana

5 tips to choose a dentist in Tijuana

There are two main factors that prevents from visiting the dentist. Money and Fear.

But as we learn, sitting in a dentist chair in
The United States is much different than one in Mexico

Tijuana is easily accessible to Americans who are in need of professional,
modern, and affordable dental services.

There are plenty of clinics specializing in every type of dental care that you need.

There are a lot of good dentists in Tijuana.

Here are 5 tips you must know
when you decide to go dentist in Tijuana

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5. How long is Tijuana from me?

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If you are neighbouring country with Tijuana. (San Diego)

It only takes you 16 miles (27 km), 22 minutes.
Plus: Our location is 7 minutes from the border.

From other cities:

Los Angeles to Tijuana: 134 miles (218 km), 2.5 hours
Palm Springs to Tijuana: 137 miles (221 km), 2.5 hours
Yuma to Tijuana: 182 miles (294 km), 3 hours
Las Vegas to Tijuana: 341 miles (548 km), 5.5 hours
Phoenix to Tijuana: 354 miles (595 km), 6 hours

Even if you decide to visit us from Phoenix, you will save more than 50%

Good things take time.

4. You don’t need to speak spanish

The majority of dentists in Tijuana speak excellent English, and fluent English speaking staff members are on hand to make sure that you have any questions.

Tijuana people are very nice with tourists and then try to make you comfortable in the city.

You can feel like home.


3. There are two ways to get down there:

1) Drive your car

Border wait times at the San Ysidro border can be very long during peak commute hours.
There are number of options to beat the queues.
One is to get a ‘FastPass’, which enables you to cut the queues.

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2) Take the trolley, walk across the border and take a taxi to the dentist’s office.

For your initial visit if you don’t know where you’re going,
walking across and taking a taxi is a better bet.

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2. Don’t let exaggerations and rumors alarm you

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People are surprised at how laid back things are in the city.

Some people are afraid of being taken advantage of in Mexico, but in NewAge Dental Clinic
we offer honest evaluation and competitive prices for our dental work.

I’ve been in love with Mexico since I was a child. My parents would think nothing of crossing into Tijuana to camp on the beaches outside of town. That was long before it became the Spring Break debauchery capitol, before the recession, before 9/11 and the drug violence turned tourists away. Times have changed and over the past five years, Tijuana has become safer to visit than many American cities. I’ve been walking across the border to dental clinics, taken a bus to Dia de los Muertos celebrations, and crossed for weekend explorations with friends. There’s a renaissance going on and it’s close – a simple walk or drive across the border.

– Elaine J. Masters

Tijuana is safe, once passports were required and were rigorously checked, traffic at the border slowed and long lines became the new norm. That is improving. Tourists are most welcome.

1. Is a passport really needed?

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Technically, you don’t need it to go to Tijuana… just to come back into the U.S.

Mexico does not require a passport for tourism visitors entering from the U.S. side to border towns for short term visit.

The U.S. however, does require a passport for people entering or returning from Mexico.

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If you want more details about dental implant cost or where found
the best dental clinic in the city of Tijuana, you can call free: (760) 298 3039

Phone: MX 664 634 2951
Fax: US (760) 298 3039

Diego Rivera #2351, Local 506, Tijuana, B.C.