Questions About Dental Implants in Tijuana

Questions About Dental Implants in Tijuana


What are dental implants?

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A dental implant is used to support one or more false teeth. It is a titanium screw that can replace the root of a tooth when it fails. Just like a tooth root, it is placed into the jawbone.



Formerly, the only treatment available for people with missing teeth were dentures and bridges, and these two bring some disadvantages (for example, denture, that in some cases it can fall of the person’s mouth, leading to an embarrassing and ungrateful situation).



No one wants to just let their oral health slide downhill. Life happens, throwing curveballs that can leave us without enough options or information to protect our smiles. The result can be extensive dental diseases, tooth loss, or insufficient restorations.

While these situations are sometimes unavoidable, it is recommended that you take the appropriate steps to correct the damage as soon as you are able. For example, no matter the reason for your missing teeth, your dentist can offer dental implants as a solution that will enable you to avoid the long-term issues associated with tooth-loss.

The damage to your self-confidence is perhaps the most common long-term result of tooth loss. The change in the way that you look and feel can hit you harder than you might expect, and it’s a feeling that can be difficult to overcome. Many patients find that they are still self-conscious about their smiles even after they have chosen to have their teeth fixed! It’s an emotional issue that many patients greatly underestimate.


The structural deficiency that comes with missing teeth is best resolved with dental implants. In terms of risk vs. benefit, implants only strengthen your smile without compromising it in any way. The neighboring teeth will benefit from the additional support, and the jawbone will be stimulated by the presence of the artificial tooth root. No other tooth replacement features a replacement tooth root which transmits the natural sensations of chewing every time that you enjoy a meal.



Are implants safe and how long will they last?

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Implants are a safe, well-established treatment. It’s probably true to say that implants, much like natural teeth, will last for as long as you care for them.

How well you look after your implants – and whether you go for your regular maintenance appointments – will have the biggest impact on how long they will last.

If you don’t look after your implants they will develop a coating similar to what you get on neglected natural teeth. Left untreated, this can lead to gum infection, bleeding, soreness and general discomfort. You could get all these problems with natural teeth.

If your implants are well looked after, and if the bone they are fitted to is strong and healthy, you can expect them to last for many years. However, just as with other surgical implants (such as a hip replacement) there is no lifetime guarantee.




I have some of my own teeth. Can I still have implants?


Yes. You can have any number of teeth replaced with implants – from one single tooth to a complete set.



Can implants always be used to replace missing teeth?

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It depends on the condition of the bone in your jaw. Your dentist will arrange for a number of special tests to find out the amount of bone still there. If there is not enough, or if it isn’t healthy enough, it may not be possible to place implants without grafting bone into the area first.



Finally, even one missing tooth can result in a significant loss of chewing capacity. Each top tooth must be evenly paired with a lower tooth in order to process the foods that we eat. Without that dynamic relationship, the limited food choices and the reduction in chewing efficiency can have a long-term negative impact on your digestion and your nutrition.


Our services of Cosmetic Dentistry in Tijuana are composed of a variety of procedures, such as: Removal of tooth gums or structure, teeth whitening (bleaching), gum depigmentation, laser whitening, straightening of teeth, adding dental material to teeth and more. Here is a more detailed description about the procedures and services that we offer in our clinic.


How much do dental implant cost in Tijuana, Mexico?

Full Mouth Dental Implant Cost by number of implants per arch Mexico Cost
Implant Dentures with 3 dental implants: Tijuana, Mexico $1,500 to $3,000 compared to U.S prices $14,250
Implant Dentures with 4 dental implants: Tijuana, Mexico $1,800 to $3,500 compared to U.S prices $17,250
Fixed Bridge with 6 dental implants:  Tijuana, Mexico $5,000 to $9,500 compared to U.S prices $28,030






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