Why do Americans go to the dentist in Tijuana?

Why do Americans go to the dentist in Tijuana?



Even with insurance, procedures like implants and crowns can cost thousands, and plans don’t always cover the most modern coatings and materials.

– Olga Khazan (The Atlantic)



About 60% of American have dental insurance coverage, the largest proportion in decades, but even so, older adults have lagged behind and almost 70% are uninsured, according to a study compiled by Oral Health

Those who have insured under the Affordable Care Act only have acces to dental care only if they purchase comprehensive coverage insurance, which many older people don’t need.

At the same time, these people often require more expensive dental jobs, such as crowns, implants and false teeth.

As a result, many seek more accessible care in places like Tijuana, where Mexican dentists speak English and accept American insurance. Their prices are much lower in all treatments, from cleaning to implants.


For Paul, going to the dentist in TIjuana means savings in excess of $62,000. He was told that the extensive dental work required – needed a crown on each molar – would cost $65,000 with a private dentist. He looked for better prices and in a dental school in the United States where the students do the clinical procedures they charged to him $35,000

In Mexico he paid $3,000 and has returned several times


The cost of dental care in the United States has increased over the past two decades and continues to grow at an annual rate of 5%. Many dental insurance have high deductibles and do not offer extensive coverage, so many people abandon them.

Mexico offers lower affordable prices because salaries are lower and there are fewer regulatory requirements. Residents of US border cities such as Tijuana, Texas and Nogalez, Arizona, often make a short trip to the Mexican side to meet their basic medical needs and medicines that are much cheaper than in the United States.

It is not new that Americans leave the country to seek health care cheaper. They have been doing this for years for surgeries that can save lives or aesthetic procedures.


Manuel Zurita has worked as a dentist for a decade in Tijuana and realized that the business is so good that he opened his ownDental office two years ago



The most difficult thing to maintain dental health is the cost of dental treatment!

 Anyone who lives in San Diego, Los Angeles, or any city in the USA, is surely discouraged when he realizes the prices of local dentists. A consultation will cost you thousands of dollars. But I ask you, why are you going to an American Doctor, when Tijuana is so close, and the dental prices in Tijuana are so cheap?


Take advantage of cheap dental care prices in Mexico. Quality, care and amazing locations.

Mexico offers a reason more to combine travel with health care. Here is a full price list for dental services in Mexico. Cut your costs and enjoy the travel!


Price list at Tijuana Dentist Center



Why Tijuana for Dental Care?


Close proximity to the US

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Quality care at affordable price

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No mandatory malpractice insurance




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