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Misaligned teeth and jaw can have repercussions on our lifestyle, it can make us lose self-confidence for not being able to show a proper aligned denture or it can make it hard to eat by making difficult the chewing process, that is what Orthodontics is here for. Derived from the Greek “orthos”, in simple terms orthodontics means correct or straight tooth. Orthodontics is here to help us aligned our jaw and teeth so our smile and our chewing ability can be in perfect order. According to research, the perfect time to get orthodontics is when we are child, accuse our mouth is mature enough, but still, easy to manipulate and change.

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Orthodontics is a field in dentistry that aims to correct teeth and jaws that are positioned incorrectly. Orthodontics treatment involves metal wires that are inserted into brackets (braces), in that way, the wires interact with the braces to move teeth into the correct positions. Braces can be made from various materials like ceramic and some other types of aligners are made of plastic, like invisalign.

Orthodontics focuses on the treatment of irregularities in the teeth and jaw, for example the alignment and occlusion, the most common procedure is the use of braces. Orthodontics aims to correct jaw and teeth problems involving straighten teeth, align lips and teeth properly, correct problems with bite and close gaps between teeth.

Orthodontics is part of cosmetic dentistry, which aims to improve the appearance of a person’s teeth, gums and bite, through the improvement of dental aesthetics in color, shape, positioning, alignment, smile appearance and size.

Types of Dental Appliances

They exist many types of dental appliances

Braces in Tijuana

Traditional Metal Braces

The most common types of braces. Made of high-grade stainless steel these are attached to each tooth using a type of cement specially made for the teeth texture. Brackets are then linked to each other using a thin archwire, this wire puts the enough pressure on teeth to move them slowly into the desired position to correct the teeth alignment.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Braces work in the same way as traditional braces do, but, with a slight difference that the brackets are made from a clear and transparent ceramic material, making it them look less visible than traditional braces. These are commonly used by adults that need orthodontic treatment. One of the disadvantages of these type of braces is that they leave marks on teeth, caused by the elastic becoming discolored.

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Damon Braces

Damon Braces use a slide mechanism to connect the archwires, instead of elastics like traditional braces. The braces are a popular option with orthodontists since it provides a more gentle treatment and requires less dental visits. These braces bring many advantages over other type of braces: Faster results, this is due to the fact that teeth with these braces can move on it’s own without needing to be adjusted. Less Painful: Less pressure and movement is one of the features of these braces, leading to a less painful process of alignment. Less expensive: Being easier to keep clean and needing less visits to the orthodontist means less time and money too!

Clear Aligners

These are an alternative to metal or damon braces, clear aligners (also called “invisialigners”) are a range of clear plastic-made aligners that resemble mouth guards. These aligners are custom-made to the patient to perfectly fit their teeth. These aligners provide benefits over other braces, like the ability to remove them when you need to eat or clean your teeth. These aligners are changed every 2 weeks with the new adjustment so that your teeth can be aligned in a right way.

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Orthodontics in Tijuana

Forsus Appliances

Formerly, the use of headgear for teeth alignment correction was needed to use on children that had difficult overbites. Now, the Forsus Appliance is used, a spring that is worn inside the cheeks that is attached to the braces so that the upper or lower jaw can be properly adjust into it’s natural position.

Palatal Expanders

These option is the best for patients who have overcrowded teeth. Tooth extraction was the prefered option for these types of problems but modern orthodontist recommend that wearing a palatal expander is better. Palatal expanders consist of a device that fits into the palate and applies pressure to the back of the upper molars to move teeth apart. The palatal expanders expand your palate and leaves space for other types of braces to be used.

Orthodontics in Tijuana

Braces in Tijuana

Lingual Braces

This type of braces are placed behind the teeth, making them look “invisible” and a great cosmetic alternative for patients that don’t want to show of their metal braces. Like other types of braces, Lingual Braces work by applying pressure to teeth to help them slowly move to the right position. Since these braces are custom made they are usually more expensive than regular braces. They exist 5 types of lingual braces: Incognito, iBraces, In-Ovation, STb Light Lingual System and Suresmile Lingual QT.

What is involved in the Orthodontics treatment?

Usually orthodontics treatment involves three stages

1. Planning

On your first visits to the orthodontist you will receive a medical and dental history evaluation to address your main dental problems and proceed accordingly. Casting or molds of your teeth may be made after the evaluation and also photographs and X-rays of your mouth, teeth, and jaw to deeply know about your current situation. After all evaluations are done, your orthodontist will design and apply the appliances needed to correct your dental issue.

2. Active Stage

During this stage, you will be visiting your orthodontist on pre-defined schedule to do adjustments and any other procedures that may be needed in order to successfully complete the treatment.

3. Retention

When you are done with your treatment, the appliances are removed and a new type of appliance is made. These are called retainers, they are removable and they will help to maintain the changes made by braces. Retention time can vary from patient to patient.


After all the process is completed you will end with a perfectly aligned denture and a beautiful smile.

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Why you should get Orthodontics treatment?

Having orthodontics treatment to correct any denture alignment issue can bring many benefits to your life.

-Well Aligned Smile
Having a beautiful and well aligned smile can boost up your self-confidence and improve you look. With orthodontics your denture will be aligned so that you can smile with confidence all the times you want.

-Physical benefits
Orthodontics can help to protect your teeth from chipping. It can improve your bite resulting in less strain on your jaw joints. It can also help to chew better. And, well aligned teeth are easier to clean and less likely to decay.

-Psychological Benefits
With orthodontics you can enhance your attractiveness, confidence and your well being by being able to show your beautiful and healthy smile to the world. Correcting alignment issues is the job of Orthodontics so that you can enjoy a happy and healthy life.

What problems does Orthodontics fix?

Orthodontics can solve many teeth alignment related issues:


Overbite or “buck teeth” is dental problem where the upper front teeth stick out over the lower teeth.


This issue makes a “bulldog” denture appearance, it is when the lower teeth are too far forward or the upper teeth are too far back


This is a space between the biting surfaces that are in the front or on the side teeth when the the back teeth bite together


This happens when the upper teeth don’t align or come together with the lower teeth to bite.

Misplaced Midline

This issue happens when the center area of your upper and left teeth don’t line up.


This happens when an excess of teeth for the dental ridge to accommodate


Any kind of space between teeth as a result of missing teeth.

Orthodontics Appliances Involved

Many type of appliances are involved in Orthodontics, these can be either fixed or removable, each one can solve a special issue. All of these appliances have the same objective: Fixed misaligned teeth.

Fixed Appliances

This is the most common fixed appliance. Braces consist of wires, brackets and bands that are used to correctly align teeth. The way they work is by applying tension to teeth in order to gradually move them to a proper and better position. Braces are adjusted monthly and the end result usually happens within a few months or years depending on the issue. They come in different styles and types: Traditional metallic, ceramic, and damon.

-Special Fixed Appliances
These appliances are used to control tongue thrusting by being attached to the teeth by bands. These are commonly used as a last resort in Orthodontics since they are very uncomfortable during eating

-Fixed Space Maintainer
These appliances are used when a baby tooth is missing and the space needs to be open for further development of the tooth. It works with a band attached to the tooth that is next to the empty space, keeping it from moving and closing the gap.

Removable Appliances

Mainly used by adults, aligners are invisible “braces” that serve the same purpose as regular appliances. These are custom-made for the patient and changed every two weeks depending on the treatment. There is no metal or wire used on these appliances.

-Removable Space Maintainers
These appliances serve the same purpose as the fixed space maintainers, only that these appliances are removable. Made of acrylic base that fits over the jaw, removable maintainers are a good alternative if regular space maintainers bother you when having dinner/eating.

-Jaw Repositioning Appliances
These appliances help the jaw to close in a more correct and favorable position. They are also called splints and they are worn on the top or lower jaw.

-Lip and Cheek Bumpers
These appliances are used to keep the lips or cheeks away from the teeth.

-Palatal Expander
This device is used to widen the arch of the upper jaw. It is composed of a plastic plate that is fitted on all over the top of the mouth. Pressure is applied to wide up the palatal area.

-Removable Retainers
These appliances are used to prevent the newly aligned teeth to return to it’s incorrect position. They are worn on the top of the mouth.

Headgear is used to slow the growth of the upper jaw by placing a strap around the back of the head and attaching a wire in the front of the head generating pressure that slows upper jaw growth.

What’s next after an Orthodontics procedure?

After receiving any of the treatments and procedures involved in Orthodontics, the next steps may be determined by the type of procedure that was done, but in general, after any procedure you should follow these advice to maintain a healthy and well aligned smile.


Once your orthodontic treatment is complete, the use of retainers is very important to ensure that your teeth will stay firmly aligned and that they do not return to their misaligned position. They exist two types of retainers: Fixed and removable. They type of retainer that is going to be used will be up to your Orthodontist and your condition.

Retainer Maintenance

Maintenance in the form of dentist visits is a must to ensure that your retainers are in proper shape and that they are doing their job well.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking leads to a variety of dental problems, the tar on the cigarettes can destroy your gums and stain your teeth. It is very important to avoid smoking if you want to maintain your healthy smile.

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We offer treatment with brackets to correct the bite and position of the teeth. In addition a correct distribution of the teeth is fundamental for the harmonious expression of the face, to improve its appearance, cosmetic, gestures and smile.

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Aesthetic Braces.- Orthodontic treatment is similar to the traditional Metallic Brackets, but with a great level of aesthetics with practically imperceptible braces. Helps to correct bite, align teeth and improve dental esthetics. Also available in self-ligating system.

Metallic Brackets. – Traditional bracket system, adjustment is usually necessary every 4 weeks. They cause friction and pressure, resulting in a slower and less comfortable treatment for the patient.

Self-ligating Brackets.- Bracket system that does not need ligatures, is a technique that moves the teeth with greater comfort since it uses very soft forces due to its thermo activated technology. In addition, this treatment is done in less time. Available in Damon, Damon Clear and Empower.

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