We bring you to Tijuana – We take you to the pedwest border

Our compromise goes beyond! Either we pick you up in San Diego and cross the border with you or we pick you up once you are in Tijuana. For your commodity, after using our services we are pleased to take you back to the pedwest crossing*. Call us now to make an apointment

Go to Mexico for Dental Hygiene

In Mexico, you will locate highly trained dentists that will attend to all your dental needs in a prompt, professional fashion. New Age Dental Clinic is found in Tijuana, Mexico. It’s only 15 minutes in the San Diego, CA boundary. Most of our patients live to the U.S. side of the boundary. New Age Dental offers free transport from many the border, hotels and resorts in Tijuana. You’ll be picked up at your most convenient location with a friendly driver that talks English. The driver will pick you up following your dental appointments in Mexico and return you to your hotel or back to the border. Comfort and your security are of primary relevance to us. E-Mail us for a handy listing of resorts.

A sterile, modern office that will serve all your dental needs is offered by New Age Dental.
Our staff is waiting to take good care of all of your dental treatment. Phone or e-mail today to schedule a consultation

*subject to revision, service exclusive to patients that previously ask for availabilty & appointments

Phone: MX 664 634 2951
Fax: US (760) 298 3039

Diego Rivera #2351, Local 506, Tijuana, B.C.